Camp Chef Woodwind 36 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Controlled 36-Inch Pellet Grill

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Freestanding Grills

Freestanding Grills can provide versatility by being stored away then rolled out to whatever location you plan to cook or entertain, be kept stationary in a location dedicated as the grilling or cooking area and also be integrated into an outdoor kitchen project by simply creating an opening in the base cabinet-sized large enough to accommodate the particular grill. Freestanding barbecue grills can, therefore, be found with a variety of different support base styles. Cart grills are fully enclosed carts or bases that provide storage solutions like access doors or storage drawers and will feature heavy-duty casters to provide ease of movement. Freestanding gas BBQ grills can be found in many sizes from around 20 in width, which can be enjoyed by a few individuals on a small balcony or patio all the way to expansive cooking units exceeding 8 feet in length, offering ample space for a large crowd and providing an experience similar to a full-scale kitchen. Features found when selecting a freestanding gas grill will vary depending on the model and may include folding or stationary side shelves, tool storage hooks, ice chest, a single side burner one of the side shelves, double side burners mounted in place of a side shelf, power burners integrated into the cart base, storage solutions like enclosed drawers, trash or tank rollouts, access doors and even refrigerated cart bases.