Electric Grills

Electric BBQ Grills have become the latest buzz in the BBQ industry for the past few years, and it’s quite easy to see why. When it comes to an electric grill, you simply won’t find another outdoor grill that produces even heating temperatures, faster pre-heat times, is as environmentally friendly, or allows you more space on your patio. Unlike charcoal, pellet, or gas grills, electric grills do not use a fuel source. Most models plug directly into a 110v outlet (standard house outlet) and require very little amount of electricity to cook.

Electric grills feature a heating-element (shapes and sizes differ). This heating element sits directly below the cooking grate and generates the heat necessary to cook your food, sort of like an indoor electric oven. When it comes to choosing an outdoor grill for your backyard patio there’s quite the selection. There are several advantages of choosing an electric grill over the traditional gas or charcoal grill options, as listed below.

  • Eco-Friendly - Compared to charcoal grills and gas grills, electric grills emit ZERO carbons or methane gases into the atmosphere. Cooking over an open flame has been known to collectively damaged the environment of our planet, but electric grills allow you to cook outdoors without having to emit thick clouds of smoker or burn methane gas. Lastly, you won’t have to deal with the mess and hassle of cleaning up charcoal soot and ash when cooking with an electric grill.
  • Perfect for ‘Local Code’ Areas - Most apartment complexes, retirement communities or even outdoor areas will not allow you to cooking with a charcoal or gas grill. However, electric grills have now been accepted by many of these places and are now allowed for the ability to finally cook fresh cuts of meet on your apartment balcony. Electric grills also require very little space and will fit into even the smallest of outdoor balconies.
  • Taste & Flavor - Without tasting the bitterness of charcoal lighter fluid, electric grills allow you the ability to truly taste pure flavors of meats and vegetables. Since there’s no by-product in the fuel or no starter being used, you’re simply using pure clean heat to cook your food. That doesn’t mean, however, that electric grills can’t utilize smoking capabilities, as most are compatible with flavored wood chips.
  • Control and Preheating - One of the most overlooked features of any electric grill is its ability to preheat to cooking temperatures within minutes. With the turn of a knob, your electric grill can go from temperatures of zero to 500 degrees in a matter of 90-120 seconds. No other charcoal grill or gas grill can make that claim.

Outdoor electric grills are quickly becoming the go-to for people with smaller sized patios, customers looking to grill in their backyard but don’t want to sacrifice their time and energy getting it started, and couples who typically entertain for themselves or smaller groups of people. Whether you’re looking for simplicity or just something to cook smaller sized meals on in your apartment balcony, here are some of the best electric grills of 2020.