Flat Top Griddles

The word Teppanyaki is Japanese and is derived from two words, teppan, which means iron plate and yaki, which means grilled or pan-seared, so it makes sense that grills of this type feature a solid, flat surface. A Teppanyaki griddle can, therefore, be found by many other names or descriptions including a flattop grill, flat cook-top, Asado grill and even confused for a hibachi grill. The advantage of a flattop grill can especially be found when cooking delicate cuts of meat like fish, preparing eggs or cooking chopped vegetables that would normally fall through the gaps found on traditional barbecue grill grates. The increased surface contact can also create a wonderful sear on certain foods at high temperatures, increasing the flavor and internal moistness and the addition of liquids and sauces while cooking will allow you to baste foods with further flavor enhancements. The burner system is safely concealed underneath the cooking surface, which will allow the user to perform culinary duties without the potential negative effects of external wind speeds. Due to their high versatility and performance, most Japanese style steakhouses, Mongolian barbecue, and other restaurants the world over may feature a grill of this type. Many can be constructed with stainless steel to offer corrosion resistance and ease of cleanup. Certain models may offer a cast iron clad cooktop and while these may demand a slight increase of attention of use and care, they can offer better heat dispersion across the entire cooking surface than stainless steel. Teppanyaki grills can be found as built-in models for integrating into an indoor or outdoor kitchen or as freestanding models with wheels for portability on the patio. They can be powered by natural gas, liquid propane, and indoor models that can run solely on electricity. Both electricity and gas may be required to operate some models, depending on the particular features of the appliance. These grills can be found in various shapes including round and square and offer different siz