Solo Stove Yukon 27-Inch Round Stainless Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

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Model #: SSYUK-27



Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits bring an unmatchable level of style, class, and civility to any setup on a yard or backyard patio. Make any area stand out and gain a modern and trendy look with our line of high-quality fire pits. These safe and solidly-constructed units are available at and provide a great style choice, late-night light and heat source, and conversation starter. Available in a variety of fuel types, from wood-burning fire pits to propane gas fire tables, this allows you to choose wisely based on which fuel-source is more affordable at their location. Fire Table configurations are also a very stylish option, allowing guests to sit around the fire just as they would congregate around a heat source while camping. The difference is, however, that the table offers a stylish touch and has plenty of space to safely support drinks and other items.