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Primo Oval XL 400 Charcoal Ceramic Kamado Grill - 2021 Model

By Primo

Model #778

UPC: 651772007782

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4.63 Stars (62 Reviews)

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  • Introducing the new 2021 Primo Grill models, which feature a 6-position aluminum damper top that allows for more precise temperature control, perfect for all-weather grilling, an easy-lift hinge design that reduces the force necessary to open the lid by 70%, making grilling a breeze for all our Primo users, stainless steel cooking grates and lastly a 5-position lower air control slider allows you to adjust the airflow into the bed of charcoal.
  • The Patented Oval design increases cooking surface by 30%, creates two distinct cooking zones (open/direct flame & indirect) and delivers the highest level of cooking versatility.
  • Proudly made in the USA since 1996.
  • Made of premium-grade ceramic that offers superior heat, moisture, and flavor retention.
  • Primo offers the highest sitting lid available allowing you to cook whole chickens and turkeys vertically (Primo XL 400 can cook three 12 lb. turkeys simultaneously).
Overall Dimensions: 27 1/2" Wide x 24 1/2" High x 21" Deep
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The Primo Oval XL 400 ceramic grill (PGCXLH) is one of Primo’s most popular ceramic grills and no wonder. It offers the largest cooking area, and Primo’s Patented Oval Design creates extremely high cooking flexibility and efficiency. The Primo Oval 400 is perfect as a primary grill or to complement your current gas grill, electric grill, or smoker. With over 400 square inches of cooking surface, it's deceptively large when it comes to the amount of food that can be cooked on it. Available as “grill only” for built-­in applications in outdoor kitchens, or with a variety of Primo Grill Tables and Cart options (sold separately). The Primo Oval XL 400 smoker PGCXLH is constructed of premium-­grade ceramics, a cast iron top vent, easy-­to-­read thermometer, two-­piece reversible porcelain-coated cooking grates, and a stainless steel lower draft door. Made in the USA this Primo Grill comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty backed by a 20­-Year Guarantee on the ceramics. Primo’s Patented Oval Design delivers far more cooking flexibility than round standard-sized ceramic grills, by being able to simultaneously cook with two distinct cooking zones. Grill steaks on the direct side and roast tender foods like fish, seafood, and vegetables on the indirect side at the same time without the tender food being overcooked and charred (indirect cooking for baking, roasting, and smoking requires the heat deflector racks and plates - sold separately). Let’s face it, most food is not round. The patented oval design creates an extremely efficient cooking space so you can cook more food at the same time. When it comes to adding a kamado grill to your backyard, look no further than the Primo XL 400 Oval Large Charcoal Ceramic Kamado Grill.

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Questions About This Product

Can I burn wood as fuel in my Primo grill or only charcoal? Or does wood burn too hot? Will it stain the ceramic in my Primo Grill? What if I want to get that "smokey" flavor?

We recommend using only Primo 100 Percent Natural Lump Charcoal (Model #608) for your Primo Charcoal Grill, as it is an environmentally-friendly special blend of charcoal that is free of tars and other harmful chemicals. Burning wood in your Primo grill can release excess toxins and soot that get absorbed into the ceramic of your Primo Grill and your food. If you would like to add extra flavor to your food, you can place your foods on our special Cedar Planks soaked in wine, juice, or other flavorful liquid, and place the cedar plank on the grilling grate. The flavors of the liquid will get absorbed into your food and it will add a sweet, smoky or spicy aroma that results in deliciously moist food that is rich in flavor. You can also use small pieces of wood chips or chunks to add the smokey flavor to your food, but you should not use wood as the primary fuel source for your Primo Grill.

1. Does this come with a rack?
2. What other accessories should I consider?

1. The Primo Oval XL 400 comes with an industry-standard porcelain-enamel cooking grate included. An extended cooking grate (Model #332) can be purchased and it will increase your cooking surface by 30% by creating an additional cooking surface above the standard grate. If you purchase two of these extended grates, they can both be used at the same time to extend the cooking surface by 60%. Or, if you would like, you can upgrade the standard porcelain-enamel cooking grate with two (2) of the Primo Cast Iron Searing Cooking Grates (Model #361).

2. The Primo Half-Moon Cast Iron Dual-Purpose Griddle for Primo Oval XL (Model #360), Primo 16-Inch Glazed Ceramic Baking Stone (Model #338), and Primo Curved Cypress Kamado Table for Primo Oval XL (Model #600) are great accessories to consider for the Primo Oval XL 400.

At, we are committed to educating our customers about our products. If you have a question regarding this item, you can ask your question here or you can call us at (855) 341-3312. We look forward to assisting you with your purchase.

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CollectionOval XL
Fuel TypeCharcoal
Item TypeCharcoal Grills
Item TypeKamado Grills
Made In USAYes
Parent CategoryBBQ Grills
Overall DimensionsOverall Width: 27.50"Overall Height: 24.50"Overall Depth: 21.00"

Reviews for Primo Oval XL 400 Charcoal Ceramic Kamado Grill - 2021 Model

Jul 30, 2020

The Grill is Outstanding

I have grilled for more than 20 years and bought the Primo 400XL about seven years ago after owning 2 weber grills (1) platinum gas and (1) charcoal. I refurbed the gas grill and gave it away and sold the charcoal one. I can't say enough about the Primo as I was minutes away from buying a Green Egg and at the last minute could not walk away from the value and design of the Primo. I am an Engineer and was intrigued by the design and quality of the Primo at first glance and boy was I ever right as many of my friends have Green Eggs and they all envy my Primo. I don't want to say anything negative regarding the Green Egg as I believe it is a great Grill, however; time and time again I believe there are many more options in terms of offset cooking and ease of use. I put many money where mouth is and I've purchase a second one as my family is a large family and finally got to the point where I was not able to keep up with the demand. I am pleased and highly recommend the grill.

Houston, TX

Jul 30, 2020

I would buy again

Very nice. Good quality construction.

Jul 30, 2020

This is the alpha male of Kamado Cookers

I looked at several "XL" (24" grid) cookers. I was consdering the Kamado Joe Big Joe, the Big Green Egg XL and the Weber Summit. Then somehow I sort of stumbled on an ad for this grill. I had never heard of it, but the more I looked into it, the more intriguing it became. I picked one up in a cart and couldn't be happier. you'll read this a lot, but the oval shape really does give you a lot of advantages when it comes to setting up two zone cooking. The Being an oval shape also lends well to very large pieces of meat, especially long cuts like full packer briskets or multiple slabs of ribs. Primo makes a bunch of great accessories as well including a nice variety of grates and even solid cast iron plates that can turn it into a griddle. Best of all, the entire product lines is made in the USA, not in Mexico or China.

Toronto, Canada

Jul 30, 2020

6 yrs and going strong

I researched every ceramic grill that I could before I bought my Primo XL in 2013. The hip thing was to buy a BGE... a lot of my friends had one. After my research, it made more sense to buy the Primo due to it's versatility. I have had it for 6 years and I wouldn't change my purchase at all. I LOVE IT!!!

Columbia, SC

Jul 30, 2020

The Primo Oval XL is the best grill/smoker I've found!

I've owned my grill for a yr now and probably have had 100+ cooks on it. Lots of grilling, roasting, baking (pizzas) and more recently some long low and slow smoking. I researched for a good while before buying, I cooked on the 3 biggest selling brands, BGE, Primo, and KJ. My finding is you really can't go wrong with any of the top branded ceramic grills. The Kamado Joe offers the best value because you get more accessories included than with the BGE or Primo. That said, the versatility of the Primo Oval XL is unrivaled...true dual zone cooking from the firepit up and that separates it from the other two. For me it's not so much the Primo Oval XL is better than the KJ or's more about where it's made (USA) what it can do that the other round ceramic grills cannot. I'm an empty nester and bought the Oval XL...the extra space comes in handy.


Jul 30, 2020

Primo Oval XL = Prime Grill Quality and Customer Service

Primo Ceramics by far are of the highest quality compared to BIG Green Egg and Kamado Joe. The shape has many advantages as you can truly do two zone cooking unlike with rounded kamados; in addition, the bottom vent is located close to the left side making the airflow start at that side and then making it around which kind of reminds me of the offset smoker. That design will produce better meats. Seems like Primo always evolve, and they have cracked Firebox instead of a whole one. I have also heard they might improve their hinge in the future that would be big improvement since that dome weights almost as much as the base, very heavy. And they are developing stainless steel grates which is also nice. I have had quite a hassle with getting primo grill due to shipping issues, but what surprised me is the responsiveness of both, Primo and BBQ Guys. You cannot go wrong with Primo Grill, they are champions at ceramic kamados at so many levels, always improving and are made in the USA which speaks - quality due to all the quality controls and environment laws & regulations we have in this country.


Jul 30, 2020

Best Money you will every spend on a grill

I have had my grill now for better than 18 months. Best money I have every spent. I love it we cook on it about 3 to 4 times a week. You need to get you one. My Bother-in -law has a green egg and he is jealous of my Primo Xl. also is the best place to buy.


Jul 30, 2020

Great Grill/smoker

I have had the Primo Oval XL for about six months and use it every weekend as well as many week nights. The weekends are typically spent smoking some pork butt or brisket...during the week we grill steaks, burgers, is easy to use, I love this grill.

Sarasota, FL

Jul 30, 2020

Primo Oval XL

The unit is well made as is the metal cart we got with it. We had one cross threaded bolt that we could not use but overall it went together without a problem. The sales and service people were quick to respond to any questions we had. The pork shoulder we smoked was tender and moist. It was better than the pork we have been smoking on our gas grill. The temperature was a lot easier to control than I thought it would be and we didn't use a lot of charcoal for 12 hours of smoking. We are very happy with the product.


Jul 30, 2020

Gave away the big gas grill!

The versatility and quality of the Primo is superb! We use this 3-4 times per week. With the divider, offset cooking is a breeze. Go on the Primo forum for recipes & user tips from other aficionados. This is an investment that pays big dividends in excellent tasting food.

Verde Valley, AZ

Jul 30, 2020

Primo Oval XL is Xlent!!!

I have grilled and smoked all my life. My Dad bought his first Weber in 1972. I love to smoke and have competed in many contests. I bought my Primo XL 6 years ago. It is the most efficient and Versitile unit available. Buy it! It does it all. I cook the entire meal on it without a sweat.

O'Neil, CA

Jul 30, 2020

Best size and most versatile ceramic cooker, period!

I definitely did my research ahead of time and this is the cooker I choose. My only complaint is I wish I would have purchased it sooner. If you love to BBQ and grill this is a must. First you need to be sold on a Komodo type cooker i.e., ceramic. From there, you have the choice of about five brands. Ceramic in general: Pros - Well insulated so food does not dry out - Keeps flavor in and you can taste a difference - Extremely efficient with charcoal - Can grill at a seating 700 degree or smoke at 150 degrees and everything in-between - Keeps temperature even an consistent - Due to large ash space and fuel conserving efficiency, you can reuse old coal for next cook. Just light it and let it warm up while you prepare your food; almost as simple as gas. Cons: - Heavy - Pricey - You will become addicted to outdoor cooking! Unique differences offered by the Promo Oval. 1. Much larger cooking area, the Green Egg, as well as other traditional shapes which are only 18" and are very limited. "Have you ever cooked on an 18" Weber Kettle it's just inconveniently too small". 2. Extra extended cooking racks for even more space are available. 3. Iron divider that fits in the fire box for true indirect cooking; great for steaks or anything in that matter where, you want indirect and direct cooking at the same time 4. A great user Forum site full of supporting users, as well the people at Primo are super helpful and knowledgeable. Lastly, the great thing about this cooker is the ease of use; I've cooked a brisket for 18 hours and never needed to add charcoal or even lift the lid during the entire cook! I truly believe Primo is the Cadillac of the "ceramic cookers". Another nice feature is if you add lots of coal at first, due to its efficiency you can just re-light what's left over from the last cook and a few more times depending on what your cooking; it's nice to just to go out and light it without cleaning ashes an pulling out the bag each time! I have had mine for close to five years now and still love it I now cook outdoors 3 to 4 days a week now:)

San Francisco, CA

Feb 10, 2021

Relax and feel comfortable you're purchasing the best prod

So I was very very cautious when purchasing my smoker. I had previously owned an Electric Smoker, which served me well, but wanted to upgrade my experience as well as the quality of food that I was making. I know there are a ton of BGE fans out there but I'm not the "Go with the flow" type and reviewed every smoker I could find data on. I loved the 2 zone cooking of the Primo and all the options that I needed were also available. I've had the smoker over a month and found the temperature adjustments simple and the overall use of the gill easy... I saw where previous folks didn't like the non-stainless steel components but that has also been addressed in the Primo I purchased.

So far I've smoked Ribs, Chicken, Tuna, and Pizza and I couldn't be happier with the results. If you want the ultimate flexible grill with the best options, purchase the Primo.. Very happy with the product! I would most certainly buy again..

- Simpson

Feb 10, 2021

I love the oversized extra large primo

I love the oversized extra large primo ! I can put 4 huge briskets on it when I use the second racks (which cost extra - all the items cost extra)

- Linda Y

Feb 10, 2021

All busted up

The first Primo came in a semi and the driver asked if I wanted to check it before he unloaded it. I said sure and found the box upside down and the contents all busted up. The second driver, a week later let me inspect the Primo in the truck and this time I found the cover had slipped off the bottom but no breakage. This is one great kamodo grill, love it. They do need to find a better way to package this product, I can't imagine how much money is lost do to breakage.

- SteveGord

Feb 10, 2021

It?? Top of the Line Greatness.

I bought the grill as a Father?? Day gift to my husband, and he absolutely love this grill. He said it?? the best grill he?? ever had and that everyone should buy themselves one. We absolutely love it????

- Carol D. Shoto

Feb 10, 2021

Wonderful grill

After a lot of research I decided on the primo grill. It was more expensive than other options but I really wanted charcoal since that is the best taste and if you are going to grill you may as well do it right. Also liked the oval shape over the green egg and I usually like to be different (everyone and their mom has an egg!). The grill looks beautiful in the teak table (worth the extra investment to really show off the grill). It really has impressed the neighbors and friends. So far have not been disappointed. Steaks and burgers and hot dogs have come out amazing, best burgers ever, and my first pulled pork came out great (although I still need practice and can't wait to try it again). Overall very satisfied with the purchase and glad I splurged for the XL (although thought about the smaller version, this XL size is perfect and couldn't imagine having less grill space). Only problem is that the gasket melted after an overnight cook (this apparently does happen so I should have bought a replacement when I got the grill). Also after the overnight cook I noticed that the interior ceramic bowl cracked. Not sure if I did something wrong but it seems odd that it cracked like that only after a few uses even if it was cooking all night (I thought that was what a smoker was for). In any event it is covered under warranty and already submitted a claim to Primo and they have shipped a replacement.

Overall very satisfied customer and would highly recommend.

- Ray Perez

Feb 10, 2021

What a grill

Don't spend time with any of the others. I've slow smoked ribs, brisket, whole chicken, etc... and the grill kicks tail. The "ability and capability" of the grill gets 6 stars.

Now for the bad...The issue was a had was the packaging.

The original packaging was damaged and horribly constructed. It came damaged and I had to return and have Amazon resend the unit. The replacement unit came in equally terrible packaging, however by some miracle, it was arrived unbroken.

The freight company was also late on the original delivery and on the reschedule.

I should also note that Amazon was professional throughout the experience and did compensate for the trouble. the issue was with both freight company and whomever packages these units prior to their shipping.

- PoohThePirate

Feb 10, 2021

Great grill

Great grill

- Jim Miller

Feb 10, 2021

The one to have

This is everything I've ever imagined in a ceramic cooker, and then the folks at Primo added in a bit more.
The XL is my first ceramic cooker, I'm a diehard charcoal aficionado, won't do gas, and the step up to using lump was a step in the right direction. Once you learn how to use this grill, yes there is an enjoyable learning curve when switching over from a common metal bodied grill, you'll wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner.

This grill holds the heat, retains the meat's moisture and slow cooks to your heart's desire. The cooking surface is huge, if you like cooking large amounts of food at one time, you've no problem here. And, you can extend that cooking area. Want to keep the heat indirect like a barrel smoker, no problem. Want to hold 225* for an extended period (over 5 hours) and not need to add charcoal, a piece of cake.

I honestly believe I'll never need another grill. With a 20 year guarantee on the ceramics, Primo is betting on the same thing. You won't find that kind of warranty on any other piece of cookware you'll ever own. That's confidence in their product.

I'd recommend this cooker to everyone, it's a great addition to our backyard and will be used and enjoyed for years to come.


Feb 10, 2021

Very Sturdy Smoker Grill

Easy to load, easy to light, not so easy to control the temp, but getting better at it. I like using it in the indirect heat mode with the coals on the left side, drip pan and cooking done on the right site, direct cook on the left side toward the end of the slow cook. I have the lower and top openings open about an 1/8th of an inch to keep it around 250 degrees. Takes some finesse to ramp it up to 350 or 450 degrees. Real easy to get it over 700 degrees. Easy to shut down, just close top and bottom air regulators. Easy to clean out the ash with the ash tool. Need to trust my thermometer better. When it's done, it's done. Doesn't use a lot of lump coal for the burn time. No petroleum smelling fire starter fluid. Having the pot lifter on hand made moving it somewhat easier. The accessories will ramp up the total price quite a bit. A quality table and all the bells and whistles can easily add on another grand. For some odd reason, Amazon has the ceramic heat reflector plates, but not the drip pan racks to hold them. A good pair of Pit Mitt gloves for safety due to "flash back" potential and the grill lifter tool to make it easy to move the grills and all is well.

- T. D. Thompson

Feb 10, 2021

The best grill ever

This is my first charcoal grill and i'm extremely please with it's abilities and versatility. I've been missing out on this for years! The smoking and grilling on this is a great experience. I use it at least twice a week. I smoked baby back ribs at 200 degrees for 4 hours by adjusting the top and bottom vents and the results are amazing! I smoke 2 whole chickens at a time and they come out very juicy. This is one of the best purchases I've made.

- Eric P.

Feb 10, 2021

it cooks excellent. But now I have to order my 3rd ...

I had my Primo since March 2012,it has performed very well,it cooks excellent.But now I have to order my 3rd ceramic insert and pay for shipping again, it keeps cracking. The lid started to chip around the band, I called customer service,they said the best thing to do was to paint it,they sent the paint for free, also having trouble keeping lid up,they tried to help,but I'm still having trouble. 12/17/2016


Feb 10, 2021

happy experience

I just set up my Primo Oval XL and grilled my first meal. Burgers. They were fine, but it's too early (and burgers were not the right test) to see if the Primo lives up to its reputation. The purpose of this review is to share my experience with the freight agent and to point out a product that you probably need if you get an Oval XL.

I ordered the Primo early on Tuesday morning. I got an email about 4:20 that afternoon with a header that started with "Your Amazon Order has shipped." That email included the statement "Shipped via CEVA"--and went on to say:

"In a few days, the shipper will contact the addressee at the phone number you provided to schedule a convenient delivery time. They will call as soon as the package has arrived at a local delivery hub near the destination address.

"Please note that a signature may be required for the delivery of any package where the value of the contents is greater than $700. If no one will be available to sign for this package, you may wish to make alternate delivery arrangements with the carrier."

I had never heard of CEVA, so I fired up google and discovered a huge number of complaints on amazon's forums and other web sites. Every once in a while there was a posting that the product was delivered on time and in good shape, but the vast majority complained that deliveries were late (or never arrived); that CEVA never called to arrange delivery; and that the merchandise was damaged on arrival.

CEVA's on-line tracking seems to run a day behind, so I didn't have a sense of progress. The site did say that they planned to call me at 5pm on Thursday to arrange delivery...

The package arrived at 10am on Thursday. Fortunately, my son was home (just got back from college). The driver rolled it from the truck to our carport on a cart. My son signed for the package without inspecting it. I came home that evening with an awful feeling in my stomach.

I unpacked the Primo and was delighted and hugely relieved to discover that it was in perfect condition.

I dunno what would have happened if no one had been home, but things worked out with the delivery. So CEVA has one happy customer. (I'd be even happier if (1) they had called to arrange delivery, and (2) the driver had prompted my na?ve son to inspect the contents before signing for it.)

So now I have a really expensive 200+ pound piece of sorta-fragile ceramic sitting in my carport, and I have to get it up a dozen steps to our deck...

I removed all of the removable parts from the inside of the Primo and carried them up to the deck separately. But the shipping weight was 252 pounds, so I figure I've still got 200+ pounds to levitate somehow...

Here's the life saver:?

- tombrad

Feb 10, 2021

Customer service very close to non-existent

after living overseas for many years, I just returned stateside and my first purchase was the Primo which I had wanted for years. I also bought every possible attachment they have and built a large cedar and granite table. All in all, I have almost 4000.00 invested. I have waited 6 months to post my review as I wanted to give Primo every possible chance to satisfy my complaints, but they have failed at every turn and do not return emails or any inquiries despite how tactful I have been. I have a few complaints with the product I got. The biggest being is that I have areas in my grill with divots where it is bare ceramic which has never been coated. (none of my Big Green Egg (BGE) friends have this). Primo asked for pictures which I sent but will not respond to multiple emails regarding these pictures. Though I really thought that I wanted a Primo over the BGE, I cannot recommend to my fellow grillers/smokers. Shortly after using my grill, I noticed that the smoke did not vent through the cap, but rather under it. Still can't figure out why, but it really looks weird and discolors the lid. Primo asked me to remove the cap and see if there was heat resistant tape under it. There was not. They seemed to imply later that it was not needed anyway???? Within weeks of purchase, the stainless nuts on the handle started rusting. ( Has not got much worse over the months I have had it. Another item that has failed within a week is the thermometer clip which holds it in place. No idea how to fix this as Primo does not answer inquiries. I have NO idea how they manage to stay in business with this type of service. This summer I let them know that I was holding back on my review to give them the opportunity to make me pleased with my purchase. While they did answer that email, it has ben silence on the line since then. I have to admit that the Primo is a great grill and smoker, but I am not happy with my purchase. Especially true when I cook with my BGE friends and they ask about the defects on a brand new grill. If you buy this gill, I wish you luck, but know that in over 6.5 months of trying to contact them, I have only received one answer and that was to send some pictures. Since then, they have refused to contact me. Update 20 Apr 13. After several more calls to Primo, I got a voice mail a few weeks ago. They said that George was preparing for upcoming show,but would call in a few weeks. Will update as appropriate.

- Michael E. Delury

Feb 10, 2021

Great Size Poor Ceramic Coating and Cheap Hardware

I love ceramic smokers. I have both this Primo XL and a large Grill Dome. Both are great for low and slow and for traditional grilling. The Primo has a large grill area but the ceramic glaze on the outside has cracked off twice. The first time was so bad I had the top replaced for free under warranty. However I had to remove the top band and spring mechanism and replace them with the new top. The problem with the cracks is that moisture leaches in and boils out during cooking. Doesn't really effect the Primo but it looks nasty and makes the cooker look like garbage. The hardware on the outside is not stainless steel and two years into ownership I am in the process of replacing the hardware. Overall you can't go wrong with the Primo but be aware that the ceramic is much thinner than that of a Grill Dome and the hardware turns to rust in a hurry.

- Jeremy Montgomery

Feb 10, 2021

Worth the investment.

So far we love our grill, we have had it for one season. There is definitely a learning curve switching from gas to charcoal. By the way we bought our charcoal at the start of the season at Sam's Club when it first arrived in the club, that was the best price I saw through out the summer. I actually built my grill into a permanent structure of stacked cement blocks, with a stainless steel trim.
I have cooked complete meals in this grill, Steak, asparagus and potatoes. The grill cooked it all very well. On another occasion I cooked a Marie Callender's Apple pie and it was incredible. The wood smoke from the mesquite charcoal gave the pie a unique flavor which my guests loved.
As I said we have only had it for a year, so still learning, but very happy so far.

- Pete

Feb 10, 2021

Good product

I had a green egg for years and when I needed to replace the fire box it was a total nightmare to order another one. I switched to the primo and it's better quality than the egg and if I ever need replacement parts I can get them easily online

- Travis

Feb 10, 2021

not a fan of porcelain glaze crazing

just received it. there is crazing of the porcelain glaze which is only visible up close. not pleasing to the eye. firebox and lid are otherwise intact. was delivered on a pallet but completely loose. there were no straps to prevent movement. nevertheless, it is intact.

will update once up and running.

- M. Ali

Feb 10, 2021

Jealousy inducing grill

I've cookeed on my Primo every day since I got it, and it just keeps getting better. Made skirt steak, pulled pork, baked beans, and a ton of pizzas.

- David A. Cholewa

Feb 10, 2021

Great Product.....Great Service

The Best On The Market! Bar None.........The Primo XL Grill is absolutely phenomenol and so easy to use. Always buy American and use

- Jim24874

Feb 10, 2021

Primo vs Big Green egg

With the split firebox and the oval cooking surface, it has the edge over The Big Green egg, which is also a great grill.
Amazon calls it Pimo when it is Primo

- Raythill

Feb 10, 2021

Owned for 10 years and love it!

I've owned mine for about 10 years now and love it. My average use is about once a week year round. It looks as good as the day I got it. As far as I can tell, it will outlast me. I hope my future grandkids like good barbecue.

It is perfect for low and slow barbecue. I can put a brisket on, adjust the vents for the temperature I want, and leave it for 18-20 hours without opening it (when I'm being particularly disciplined - it's hard not to take a peek), and the temp will be maintained perfectly the whole time when using lump charcoal. I can also open the vents and heat the thing up to 700 degrees for use as a pizza oven. The extra large size is bigger than anything else out there and is the envy of all of my friends that own those green things (excellent ceramic barbecues in their own right, mind you).

It's also made in the USA, which most others are not - if that's important to you. I have the wood stand for mine, too, which really enhances the enjoyment.

The thing is heavy! You'll need a friend to help you move it onto a stand or up/down stairs. Worth it though. Good friends will help out for the chance to sample the aformentioned 18hr brisket.

- K. Francetich

Feb 10, 2021

Multiple Fire bowls have cracked into multiple pieces

Bought in 2014. In 2016 firebowl cracked into pieces. Warranty covered it, had to pay $50 shipping. Next one arrived, same story 1 year later. Got another one, this time an "improved" version, that had a stress line built in. This cracked into multiple peices after about 10 cooks. I am beginning to regret this purchase.

- Jx_tx

Feb 10, 2021

I will never get rid of it. Updated 2014

I have had my Primo XL for 6 months and I am really enjoying it. I'm a charcoal fan anyway, but this thing is a whole new world from the Webbers I grew up with.

I really hadn't smoked much before but now find myself looking forward to the weekend when I have the time to smoke a brisket or pork loin, Heck I'll even cook chicken:)

Basically it's like this. There is a learning curve of how to set the vents to get a temp. Once you figure it out your golden. This thing will hold 160-180 for 8 hours easy on a half a firebox full of coal, Just leave the lid down as much as possible and things will turn out great.

If your smoking and roasting this is your grill. This thing is great for low and slow. Soak some flavor woodchips and drop them in when you put in the meat and your all set. I haven't tried the baking aspect yet, but i did buy a pizza stone so It wont be too long until I do.

If your doing steaks and burgers only you really don't need this, a $40 webber will do just fine.

I built my own rolling grill table, this grill is heavy and your not going to move easily by yourself unless you have really long arms that can reach all the way around:)

I actually think there may be enough of a difference between the Primo charcoal and Cowboy or Royal Oak to justify getting it. Less chafe in the Primo bag for sure. A couple of bags of the good stuff will last you quite a while. When your done cooking close the vents and the charcoal will be there for the next time. Just stir it up and add more if you need to and relight.

Take care of this grill and it should last a very long time.

For smoking newbs like me there are two books I would recommend. "Smoke and spic"e &" Backyard BBQ" Both have some really handy meat choice tips and great recipes as well as lots of information on why things are done differently for BBQ and why it's important.

2014 Update.
Still really liking the grill. I smoked briskets for my sisters wedding, Smoked the Thanksgiving turkey ( the best turkey I have ever had, others thought so as well because the leftovers weren't enough for more than a few sandwiches )
I would recommend this grill to anybody. I wish I had two of them, maybe even three.

- Just your average Justin

Feb 10, 2021

The Best Grill Ever !!!!!

I love this grill, I have had mine for 7 months. Never once have we been disappointed in the food we have cooked. Once we received the grill we realized we had not turned on the oven I three months. NO Grill Complaints!!! But, I can say Primo's Customer Service, "Sucks". Also I will never again purchase Primo Lump Coal, I received about 5-7 lbs. of rock. But the Grill is worth every penny !!!!

- Paulsgirl

Feb 10, 2021

Exceptional grill for low-and-slow: buttery tender ribs!

Of different barbecue methods, I prefer low-and-slow, and I prefer buttery, tender ribs. Having quickly ruled out conventional gas grills and offset smokers early on in my research, despite my inexperience, I debated between Big Green Egg and Primo. Considering aesthetics, accessories, and size, I decided to pay the premium for an all-US made Primo Oval XL. The prospective buyer should note two things from my personal experience: 1) the build quality is exceptional, and 2) grilling with a kamado is effortless.

I marinade back or spare ribs overnight, all I have to do is let the grill work its magic for about six hours at just over 200F. Every one of my forty to fifty friends and guests who have tried my ribs have never left my barbecues short of amazed and thoroughly satisfied. Now that I am stationed abroad, I am thinking of purchasing a brand new one to ship to my new residence, to continue my barbecuing tradition.


Feb 10, 2021

Unmatched by ANY other.

I do a lot of smoking. I purchased the Primo approximately 2 years ago and have used it extensively for pork butts, briskets, baby-backs, chicken, steaks and seafood. I also own a Cook-Shack smoker and love it as well (and costs twice as much)....but if I HAD to pick between the two, I'd choose the Primo. It's heavy but as far as workmanship and customer service, I've never had a problem. My Primo is two years old and nothing has broken, chipped, cracked or malfunctioned in any way.

As far as smoking, I get a BEAUTIFUL smoke ring every time. My briskets come off the smoker tender and juicy. The pulled pork is unmatched by any restaurant in my area....and I can't even take all of the credit myself! It's just that easy. The Primo maintains it's temperatures by a vent on the bottom and top. Once I get my temperature where I want it, I just kick back and enjoy a Martini! I have been utterly amazed by how little there really is to do during the process of a long smoke. Occasionally, I open the lid to squirt my pork with some apple juice and savor in the beauty of the meat. Even then, the temperature maintains easily.

I have cooked for so many large groups now and have been asked to do parties because the end product is just THAT good. My neighbors are always commenting on the smell coming from my smoker!

It's SO easy to clean and maintain (which I do religiously) I also keep it covered when not in use. It's on the teak table which I also really like.

I expect that my Primo will last for many many years. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in smoking and having quality results. One thing I've noticed about the majority of smokers available, is that they don't allow you to smoke indirectly. The flame is right under the food....which is useless. I can smoke 4 pork butts indirectly on my Primo (which is a LOT of meat) Briskets are smoked to perfection. While my friends and family think I'm just the greatest of outdoor cooks; it's really the equipment I'm using! The rest is just common sense and a little bit of research. But I do like to serve up a fantastic meal...and enjoy the compliments!

Use lump charcoal which can be purchased at Wal-Mart. (Royal Oak is good quality) Experiment with different woods! My favorites are apple, cherry, pecan, citrus and apricot. Wood can be purchased fairly cheap on the internet. Don't use wood that may have been sprayed with chemicals or diseased wood.

Be sure to get the racks giving you extra real-estate. The rack tool which helps you pick up a hot rack and the cast iron separator that divides the grill and allows you to do offset smoking.

I love the Primo and I'd buy it again....and again....and again.

- Janet

Feb 10, 2021

It is easy to fill just half the box with the divider ...

Wow. Just wow.... If you are looking for a versatile ceramic cooker, do consider this. We selected this over other cookers mostly for the oval shape. It is easy to fill just half the box with the divider for smaller grilling needs. The divider also serves to provide excellent indirect cooking. The advantages of the shape are long things like ribs and brisket fit nicely. A side benefit is the oval shape grill parts are split in half, so easy to clean and move around. If you are considering this purchase -- look to also get
- Definitely the drip pan racks and heat diffusers.
- Something to light it up with -- we have a Bison. Others use a chimney or vegetable oil soaked paper towels. Some use major flame throwers! NEVER lighter fluid.
- A remote thermometer (Redi Check is great) is a MUST for smoking. You do not want to open the grill once you have your low and slow set. Opening the top will add air and increase the temp, which may be a bear to get back down. 10 lbs of lump charcoal set at 8pm is still 1/2 full at 8am and easily brought up to 600 degrees to clean the grates after the smoke. Once the temp is set, it is truly a set it and forget it smoking operation if you have a remote thermometer.
- A large foil pan to catch drips if smoking. Really - do not skip this.
- Leather welding gloves
- Silicone food handling gloves
- An injector set if smoking. (OJ is great in pork shoulder)
- Food grade disposable plastic gloves.
- tin foil - wish I would have wrapped my heat deflectors with the first use...

For searing steaks and grilling over 500 degrees. The potential for fire ball is real. Wear the welders gloves and burp the top a few times before opening.

See some photos I took of smoking ribs, boston butts, and grilling some burgers.

- A. Customer

Feb 10, 2021

Best grill/smoker on the market.

Primo is not the cheapest, and for good reason. It's worth every penny. Had mine for over 5 years and it's the best grill/smoker I've ever had. I've used BGE and KJ and this will do circles around them. BGE is more popular (for some reason) but Primo are far more versatile and functional. The control of the heat is awesome. I can smoke a pork butt for 12 hours and never have the temp vary more than 15 degrees. You will NOT be disappointed.

- Kindle Customer

Feb 10, 2021

Quit thinking about it and but one!

This is by far, the best ceramic komado grill you can buy. I have owned one for 3 years now and it is amazing how easy it is to turn out high quality food! It regulates temperature at an unbelievable rate and even on long cooks (15 hours +) I always have charcoal left over. Additionally, Primo's customer service is second to none and they stand behind their products 100%!

- Sanford

Feb 10, 2021


I bought the Oval XL Ceramic grill. It came broken but Amazon promptly replaced it with another within a few short days. Some one in a previous review suggested buying the strapped "pot carrier", which I did...a VERY good tip. It's ceramic. Expect it to be heavy. Don't know that my wife and I could have put it into the table, had we not had it. Anyway, the second Komado came in perfect condition.

I've had it for several months now....and now through several "trials" decided I could write an educated review.

There is a learning curve here. We went to the Primo site and registered on their forum. Watched videos there and on Youtube. Also went to various different sites on the internet and learned about smoking. In other words....we did our homework. We've smoked briskets perfectly; the pulled pork is better than any BBQ restaurant in the Tampa area....and the ribs are to die for! Everything comes out moist, tender and smoked to perfection.

Temperature control, for us, was easy. We like the "low and slow" method and were easily able to maintain a temp of 225 throughout the smoke using both top and bottom temp control vents. The most amazing thing didn't take a great deal of effort to do it! We love the choices in racks available for this grill because we like a drip pan which we fill with apple juice and/or wine to maintain moisture around the meat. We also bought the heat deflectors which work quite nicely for indirect smoking. The accessories are made of high quality materials, as is the grill itself. We were quite impressed.

In addition, the grill is easy to clean and carries a large "payload". Our neighbors are always curious about the delicious aroma's floating around the neighborhood!

We did a lot of research before we decided on the Primo. Looked at every Kamado grill on the market, read their reviews and measured the pro's and con's. If you're going to invest this much money in a smoker, you owe it to yourself to make an educated decision. Our decision to purchase the Primo rested primarily on the quality of workmanship....the rave reviews it got over the Big Green Egg and the ease of controlling the temperature. In addition, and probably one of the most important issues....was the fact that you can cook indirectly with the Primo Oval. Smoking meat is a long and slow process. When you add that to cooking directly over a fire, meat drys out and chars. Certainly not our idea of a good investment since our primary purpose for this device was for smoking. We have a grill for hamburgers and such. The Primo is our choice for smoking. Use lump charcoil (as recommeded) so you don't get foreign tastes in your meat.

CON'S: It's heavy so put it somewhere where you don't intend to move it anytime soon and get the "pot lifter".
Be willing to share because every one you know will want some of your Q!

- NitroMan

Feb 10, 2021

... two warranty issues with the manufacturer and they refused

I wish I could give my Primo XL five stars but I have had it for 25 months and already had two warranty issues with the manufacturer and they refused satisfy me on either issue. The quality of the ceramic parts are excellent and the grill/smoker does a fantastic job of high heat grilling and low and slow smoking. Pizza at 600-700 degrees is a snap too. And for all that it deserves 5 stars. I spent the over two thousand dollars complete with XL grill, "stainless steel" cart and tons of accessories. In the first year the ss poker that helps you remove the ashes began to rust. At year two the caster locking mechanism on the ss cart rusted and broke. Now the thermometer is broken. Each event I called Primo and was told I could buy any replacement parts but whey would not supply any at two years. The customer service department was very nice and apologetic but the owner choose to ignore my complaints and stuck to his hard nosed policy. I have even learned that the thermometer is known to be shotty and they have since changed to a better on on new models. For the price of this grill every part should be the best available and the company/owner should stand behind it. Unfortunately sometimes the fish stinks from the head and for that they deserve 1 star. so I average it out to three stars to be fair.

- tony

Feb 10, 2021

The longer you own and maintain the more you'll love. Have

Have owned one for four years. The longer you own and maintain the more you'll love. Have learned over time and through experiments and primo website how to cook everything for my families changing diets. It will cold smoke cheese as well as any pork butt and napoli style pizza. Cooking with charcoal is unbelievably satisfying despite the added cleaning. I recommend purchasing the iron grate as a extra.
Compared to the egg i have friends who wish they'd bought the oval primo as it is much more versatile.


Feb 10, 2021

If You Could Only Have One Grill, This Is It!!!

This is an awesome grill, smoker, and oven all in one. After spending weeks of research on ceramic grills, I came to the conclusion that Primo Grills, which are made in the USA, are the most versatile and largest of all ceramic grills on the market. There are many options/add-ons for this grill that really make it stand out too. Be sure to pick up the extension racks as they are great for added food. I mostly use my extension racks for smoking meats and the results are incredible. If you need an oven, purchase the Deflector Plates and drip pan racks. The Drip Pan racks hold the Deflector Plates, but also serve to hold your drip pans when smoking fatty foods. If you want to cook a pizza, purchase the Primo Pizza stone as well. You will definitely need the Ash Tool and Grid Lifter for everyday use. Spend a few hours learning how to use this grill and you'll reap the rewards. I've provided a few tips that will save you a lot of research time and they are listed below to get you started.

Best LUMP Charcoal - I found Royal Oak to be superb and it is available at Walmart in a Redish/Orange bag for $6.43 per 10LB bag. It is very highly rated on the NakedWhiz lump charcoal review website.

LIGHTING THE GRILL: Propane torch with 3ft extension handle.

SMOKE WOODS: Use chunks for longer smokes and chips for quick smoking. Just toss them into the coals.
Pork Ribs - Baby Back or St. Louis style (Apple Wood and Hickory work great together)
Chicken - (Hickory, Apple, Olive) (more to be added)
Seafood - (Alder)
Beef - Short Ribs(Hickory and Red Oak)
Beef - Porterhouse Steak (Mesquite - chips) This combo makes an amazing feast. Add Salt,Pepper,& Garlic & 1 nice handful of mesquite chips - smoke for 5-10 minutes at high temp on bottom racks. Add butter once cooked.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Go to the Primo Grill website forum for tons of pics, tips, tables, and recipes. It's very helpful.

***This review will be updated periodically with more, hopefully helpful info.***

- CS007

Feb 10, 2021

Better than the Big Green Egg

I cannot say enough good things about this grill. I had a large Big Green Egg for a couple years and thought it was great, but I wanted a bigger grill that could handle a larger capacity. I did some research and looked at the XL BGE which I thought was too big and unweildy. I then looked into the Primo and really liked it. The plusses it has over the BGE...1) the oval shape is better for getting more food on the grill. 2) the grill grates are closer together so food is less likely to fall through the grates. 3) this is a big plus, the grates come flush with the top of the grill putting them in a much better position for actual grilling as opposed to smoking. With the BGE, I don't think it's a great grill for grilling due to the difficulty controlling the temperature so close to the flame. 4) The ability to split the firebox. Primo has a cast iron firebox splitter that allows you to split the firebox in two for when you are grilling or smoking a smaller amount of food thus only using one side of the grill and half as much charcoal. It's also good for cooking something over a high heat on one side and keeping it warm on the other.

From a smoking perspective, this grill is top notch. Has the heavy duty insulation that allows it to maintain temp using very little charcoal. You can easily maintain 225 degrees for 20+ hours on one load of charcoal. My favorite charcoal is Royal Oak red bag. I get it at restaurant depot for about $8 for an 18 pound bag. Royal Oak makes the BGE charcoal but the Red Bag is way cheaper and gives a nice subtle smoke flavor to your food.

The only negative I can think of on this grill is that the vent on the bottom doesn't have an ash screen like the Egg does and feels a little flimsy when closing it, but these are minor things. Other than that, I think it's great.

- Mike S.

Feb 10, 2021

Love the size of this unit

Outstanting - I searched for about a year, reading and reading for a kamado style. Love the size of this unit. Have done everything from burgers/steaks to ribs and brisket, pork shoulders. Even did paella - was to die for... Its heavy and top heavy when the lid is open, have to be careful with it. But, I have very happy with this purchase.

- Thomas Nowicki

Feb 10, 2021

Primo XL is a Game-Changer

I have grilled for years, but recently purchased the Primo XL. This thing is amazing. From the very first thing that we ever cooked, we were getting results that I thought I never would or could. From my understanding, no other ceramic style grill has anything approaching the flexibility and cooking surface space of the XL, and we have put that flexibility to use (half coal box filled, different cooking levels, stones, etc.) and had amazing results on a variety of food types.

I am troubled by some reviews concerning customer service, but am happy that I have so far not needed that resource.

D. Henry
Woodway, TX

- PilotAtLaw

Feb 10, 2021


I've owned my Primo XL oval since June 2008 and use it year round. I have not owned another grill during this time. I would recommend the Primo grills without hesitation. Love my grill!

- Kathy

Feb 10, 2021

Love my Primo!

This smoker/grill has given my outdoor cooking a new lease of life. I have cooked pork of all varieties (butt, crown roast, lion roast, chops, sausage, tenderloin) beef of all descripitions (except for a standing rib roast) poultry of all descriptions (Cornish hen, duck, goose, chicken) grilled vegetables everything (except for one loin roast) turned out better than any other BBQ food. I'm not going to get into the molecular gastronomy of it all. Two days ago I cooked the crown roast of pork. Brined it in salt, maple syrup, onion, garlic, sage parsley for 18 hours. Wet rubbed it with parsley, sage garlic salt pepper and olive oil. Stuffed it with ground pork, bread crumbs, chopped apple, garlic, sage and a few cranberries for decoration. Served it with potatoes mashed with garlic, foie gras butter, butter and cream. Sauce included my own demi glac?, court bouillon (the contents of which I cannot reveal) and calvados. I topped each frenched chop with a little chef's hat!

Whether your thing is steak, burgers, fish or lo and slo smoking, the Primo is amazing.

- Biggar Thomas

Feb 10, 2021

Love the Primo

I purchased the Primo of the Egg because of size. This weekened did 40 lb of brisket starting at 9PM Friday and done at 5:30PM Saturday. Plenty of fuel left for cleanup. I have no issues with service (had a screw rust) and quickly replaced. Great product and great service.

- Henry Newman

Feb 10, 2021

Great customer service...killer bbq!

I'm really not sure what the two one star reviewers are talking about. I had an issue with one of the feet rocking a bit, called Primo, and two days later I had a box of four brand new feet. Later I ordered a set of drip racks from Amazon and one arrived with ceramic chipping off...Primo made it right again. My guess is that these folks may have bought the Primo used or from a non authorized dealer.

As far as the quality of food goes, it can not be beat. Love the extra space the oval gives you over a round kamado. Check out the primo grill forums too: Many helpful people, recipes and tips there.

- John C. Mercer

Feb 10, 2021

Excellent Smoker

Temperature control is easy and exact. One bag of charcoal did a chicken one night, 11 hours of pork butt smoking the next week, and ran then ran the unit as a 200 degree warmer for 6 hours. Far better fuel use than my father's WSM. It is super heavy, plan on at least two strong backs to move and assemble. Lid is very heavy even with spring assist. Make sure to order the extra racks and buy a large pizza stone. I like the fact that it is made in the U.S.A as well.

- Kindle Customer

Feb 10, 2021

The most versatile ceramic cooker on the market.

I use my primo oval 2 to 3 times a week. It can be used so many more ways than a regular grill. It cooks the best meat I have ever had. The function of the Primo is easy even for the inexperienced cooker. You can either sear steaks or cook thicker piece low and slow with minimal effort. I have cooked 4 pork butts for 8 - 9 hours only checking them around four times and they came out perfect. The ceramic design holds heat very well. I had previously owned a Big Green Egg for a few months and would recommend the Primo Oval any day of the week and there are so many accessories I have yet to purchase. Great Product.

- Eric W.

Feb 10, 2021

A grill you'll have forever

I've had a Primo Grill since 2003 and its functioned flawlessly. I purchased the regular round Kamado. Before the Primo, I owned 3 Weber Genesis gas grills that would last about 7 yrs and then rust out. You'll have no reason to upgrade once you get a Primo grill. From steaks to seafood to vegetables the versatility is unmatched. I've cooked from 200 degrees for /Pork Butts to 700 for steaks (better Fillet Mignon that I get rave reviews from family and friends. The top and bottom dampers allow you to control the temperature as accurately as on an oven. I've grilled roasts during winter because the insulated ceramic walls hold the heat (something I couldn't do with a metal gas grill). Although it might seem expensive, amortized over the years it will be an economical purchase.

- Amazon Customer

Feb 10, 2021

Poor Quality

I was disappointed in the quality of this grill especially for being made in America. The hinge is very flimsy, and the thermometer is very low quality. The termometer also does not fit securely to the lid and is always loose.

- George Relles

Feb 10, 2021

Best grill money can buy.

Have had my Primo Oval XL for 18 months. Best grill ever! No greasy mess to clean up like gas grills, food stays moist and tastes better, and the ability to smoke meat. Awesome, highly recommended.

- J. Alexander

Feb 10, 2021

Primo Grill

The first time I used it the ceramic liner cracked all the way from top to bottom in two places. Primo said they would replace it but it's been over 45 days and still no new ceramic liner. Also, I ordered a pizza stone which took over 45 days to arrive.
The Primo so far has worked well, it looks great and I ordered the Cyprus table which is beautiful.
I've had good success with the Primo; my only complaint is that I have a hard time keeping the temperature down in the 250 range for low and slow cooking.

It heats up quickly and maintains the heat forever, very nice.

- jrnra

Feb 10, 2021

Ceramic smokers are the bomb

I was first turned on to the concept of the Kamado Pot (Japanese smoker) when I was 16 years old. The first one I purchased was very small and could only accomodate a couple of steaks, burgers or ribs. The Kamado pot is ceramic. I absolutely fell in love with the taste that this pot would produce especially after continued use. Moving forward, I gave the small Kamado pot to one of my cousins and purchased a larger one some years later. When my Dad retired, he purchased an even bigger pot called the Big Green Egg. Eventually he gave me his because I broke mine. My cousin moved from the west coast to the East coast and brought the pot with him and turned on several of his fellow students at Princeton. I recently purchased an even larger pot which allows me to smoke a 22lb turkey to near perfection. The ceramic smoker is an incredible piece of equipment for smoking meats, fish, poultry, lamb, vegetables, and you can even bake cornbread in the smoker. I am now 57 years of age and have owned and used a ceramic smoker consistently for 41 years and counting. Anyway, time to season my next batch of ribs for the game tomorrow.

- forever57

Feb 10, 2021

Not in the same ballpark as the Big Green Egg

The quality of this product is nowhere close to the BGE. In comparison the Primo is not built well, does not include the place setter/heat deflectors, and overall functionality does not compare to the BGE.

- Wes Roberts

Feb 10, 2021

Five Stars

I absolutely love this Smoker

- Cburd

Feb 10, 2021

The most versatile ceramic cooker on the market.

I use my primo oval 2 to 3 times a week. It can be used so many more ways than a regular grill. It cooks the best meat I have ever had. The function of the Primo is easy even for the inexperienced cooker. You can either sear steaks or cook thicker piece low and slow with minimal effort. I have cooked 4 pork butts for 8 - 9 hours only checking them around four times and they came out perfect. The ceramic design holds heat very well. I had previously owned a Big Green Egg for a few months and would recommend the Primo Oval any day of the week. Great Product.

- Eric W.

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