Top 5 Bull BBQ Grill Replacement Parts

Adding a Bull BBQ grill to your backyard is an investment that will last years if taken care of correctly. Like any gas grill, over the years a Bull BBQ grill will often need repairing or will need to have certain parts replaced. Replacing parts on your Bull BBQ grill will save you a lot of money versus replacing the entire Bull grill. We've put together a list to help you better understand what Bull BBQ replacement parts are needed and the Top 5 Bull BBQ replacement parts to ensure that you'll be grilling on your Bull BBQ by next weekend. Whether the Bull BBQ replacement parts you need are some new Bull BBQ burners, Bull cooking grates or some brand new Bull BBQ valves, we've got you covered!

NOTICE: Bull BBQ parts vary from size and series. If you're unsure of which Bull BBQ grill part will fit your Bull BBQ grill, please give us a call at (855) 341-3312 and one of our knowledgeable staff will ensure you're getting the correct part. sells authentic Bull BBQ replacement parts! Many online dealers sell 'B-Grade' or 'Knock'Off' replacement parts claiming to be 'Bull BBQ parts', they're simply not. Purchasing these parts will void your Bull Grill warranty and may even damage your Bull Grill, rendering it useless.

5.  Bull BBQ Replacement Cast Stainless Steel Main Burner (Model# 35717)

Bull BBQ Angus 30 Inch 4 Burner Built In Natural Gas Grill with Rear Infrared Burner 47629 Cast Stainless Burners
The Bull BBQ replacement main burner is the powerhouse of the Bull BBQ grill. Emitting up to 15,000 BTU's per burner, the thick, rugged and durable design of the Bull BBQ 35717 ensures that your Bull BBQ grill will be running at an optimum cooking performance. Backed by a 20-year warranty, the Bull BBQ cast stainless burner features a thick cast construction and offers incredible heat retention for high-searing temperatures. Recently, the Bull BBQ 35717 went through a redesign, featuring a raised Bull BBQ logo on the top of the burner and designed the burner holes on the side of the burner, Bull BBQ's new Reliabull Heat Technology. Not only does ReliaBull improve cooking performance, but it also regulates gas pressure more evenly, thus saving you fuel and money! Comparing the old Bull BBQ cooking system to the new ReliaBull Heat Technology, Bull BBQ saw a 7% increase in overall fuel consumption.

4.  Bull BBQ Replacement ReliaBull Flame Tamers (Model# 16631)

Bull BBQ Replacement Reli A Bull Flame Tamers 16631
Sitting directly above your Bull BBQ's main burners is a pyramid-shaped stainless steel piece of stainless, these are referred to as 'Flame Tamers'. In the past Bull BBQ, flame tamers were a solid piece of stainless steel and did not feature any holes on top of the unit. Recently, Cal Poly took a Bull BBQ and set out to create the most versatile, and reliable cooking surface, what they came up with was the Bull BBQ ReliaBull heat technology. The various, differently shaped holes on the top of the flame tamer allow for proper airflow and heat to go directly through the tamer, and not around (like the old model). This creates a 70% less cold spot on your Bull BBQ grill.

3.  Bull BBQ Replacement Stainless Steel Cooking Grate (Model# 16517)

Bull BBQ Replacement Cooking Grate for Angus Outlaw Lonestar Select Brahma Diablo 7 Burner Premium and Bison Grills 16517 Close Up Detail
Ensuring that your Bull BBQ cooking grates are clean isn't just a matter of making your grill look brand new, it's also a health hazard! Improper cleaning techniques of a cooking grate can leave your cooking surface full of bacteria, germs and rust. All of these things are not only detrimental to the wellness of you, but also making sure your Bull grill is operating at optimal cooking performance. The Bull BBQ replacement cooking grates are made of high-grade 8mm stainless steel, perfect for leaving steakhouse quality sear marks on your meat, giving you a restaurant quality cooking session. To properly clean these cooking grates, turn all burners on high 10 minutes before a cooking session and close the lid, this will ensure that any bacteria and burnt on food is gone prior to cooking. Before placing your food on your Bull BBQ stainless steel grates, run olive oil over the grates to ensure a non-stick coating so food will not be left on the cooking surface. After cooking session, repeat these same steps so you'll return next weekend to a freshly cleaned grill.

2.  Bull BBQ Replacement Main Burner Grill Valve with Piezo Ignition

Bull BBQ Replacement Main Burner Grill Valve Natural Gas 16524 Top View
Over time, your Bull BBQ grill valves will wear out and stop working. The Bull BBQ grill valves not only supply the gas flow from the grills manifold but they also supply your Bull BBQ with the Piezo Ignition. Bull BBQ grill valves includes the orficies for your specific gas type, the gas valve and the Piezo ignition wire. Everything your Bull Grill needs, all in one valve. To install the valve(s), remove the knobs from your Bull Grill by simply pulling them out, remove the screw around the knob collar and located two screws on each side of the control panel, remove these as well. Next, simply remove the old valves from the manifold and replace with new, it's that simple.

1.  Bull BBQ 20th Anniversary Replacement Knobs

Bull BBQ 20th Anniversary Replacement Main Burner Large Knob for Bull BBQ Grills 16613 Lifestyle
A quick, affordable and easy way for your old Bull Grill to look like a newer model is by replacing the main burner and back burner knobs with Bull BBQ's new 20th Anniversary Replacement Knobs. These high-grade zinc knobs feature a chrome mirror finish, a rugged surround perfect for true feel when turning your burners to high and a red Bull BBQ logo in the center of the knob. For a quick and easy to refresh the look of your Bull BBQ grill, look no further than the 20th Anniversary Replacement Knobs. Available for both the main burners (large knob) and back burner (small knob).