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Fuego Grills Element 21-Inch 2-Burner Propane Freestanding Gas Grill - Carbon Steel

By Fuego Grills

Model #F21C-H

UPC: 854386006305

4.75 Stars (110 Reviews)

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  • 500 Degrees in under 5 Minutes! The patented dual-zone burner system of the Fuego Element delivers balanced heat across the porcelain cast-iron cooking grate to prevent hot spots. The Element F21C-H boasts a total of 22,000 BTUs which can easily be adjusted for direct or indirect grilling with a push-and-turn control knob. Looking to do indirect cooking, simply turn the outer burner on and you have 15,000 BTUs of pure indirect cooking power for the perfect roasts, ribs, and long duration cooks.
  • The 45-degree hinged lid, prevents the user from reaching directly over the hot cooking surface. Keeping the heat on the food, not on your face or hands. The finish of the hood has been upgraded to a powder-coated exterior to withstand temperatures of up to 1,100 degrees.
  • 346 Square Inches of grilling surface means that you'll have more than enough room to entertain for the entire party or gathering. That's enough cooking surface for 12 standard-sized hamburgers and with a 6-inch hood height lid, you'll be able to incorporate taller cuts of meat onto your grill.
  • No more tripping over or exposing the unsightly propane tank. With the Fuego Element F21C-H, store your propane tank below the fire bowl and easily access it at any time. Freely maneuver the grill on its smooth-rolling wheels and never worry about the front door going out of place, thanks to our perfect close door clasp system.
Overall Dimensions: 21" Wide x 46" High x 21" Deep
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New for 2021, Fuego has upgraded their award-winning Fuego element with fan-favorites features. Now featuring an upgraded lid to a porcelain enamel coating which will never have any paint peeling or bubbling which as a concern of previous models. We added a 45° hinged lid, increased the BTU output to 22,000 BTU/ hr & greatly improved the residue removal System for easier cleanup. The Fuego F21C-H Element Grill is packed with user-friendly features providing an ideal grilling solution for small spaces and tailgating. The F21C-H grill offers 346 square inches of cooking space, enough to cook 14 burgers at once! With 22,000 BTUs, the Fuego Element F21C-H heats up to 500 degrees in just five minutes. The heavy-duty cast iron cooking grate ensures even heat distribution, free of hot spots so you can get great sear marks from anywhere on the grill! From grilling to slow cooking, use the single dial control knob to fully control the burner rings. The dual burners offer three unique ways to cook. Simply turn on the independent 15,500 BTU outer burner ring to barbecue. Slow roast with the heat reflection shields integrated into the lid and residue tray for convention-like cooking, or use both burners at once for direct heat to sear steaks and seafood. Average temperature ranges for this grill are between 250-650 degrees and are monitored by the recessed, built-in thermometer. The Fuego Element features a new 45-degree hinged lid design, allowing you to safely open the grill without reaching across the hot cooking surface. Cleanup is easier than ever with a new open fire-bowl design, allowing debris to fall straight into the removable residue tray. The slender, carbon steel body features two handles along with locking caster wheels to easily roll it to your desired location. A hinged door allows for discreet propane tank storage and drip tray access, closing tightly and securely. Easily assembled in 30 minutes or less, you will be grilling in no time!

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do you ship to the U.K or know where I can get one in the U.K.

At this moment in time, we don't ship to the UK. Thank you!

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BrandFuego Grills
Fuel TypePropane Gas
Grill ClassPractical
Grill SizeSmall (0 - 26 Inches)
Item TypeGas Grills
Number of Burners2
Parent CategoryBBQ Grills
Overall DimensionsOverall Width: 21.00"Overall Height: 46.00"Overall Depth: 21.00"

Reviews for Fuego Grills Element 21-Inch 2-Burner Propane Freestanding Gas Grill - Carbon Steel

Feb 4, 2021

Didn't last.

I've had this grill for almost a year now. The problems have been present for about 6 months. I'm writing this review because I tried to get help from Fuego customer service before my warranty ran out. I talked to a guy on the phone who told me to email pictures and he would look into my claim and get back to me in a couple of days. It's been about a week or so and I haven't heard anything back from Fuego. Maybe they have a lot of warranty issues and I'm in line to get attended to or I've been blown off. I keep this grill on a covered patio. The "guy" asked, "did you buy a cover". I told him I hadn't. He said, "there's your problem, you need to keep the grill covered if kept outside". I've only had Weber grills in the past and have never had a rust issue. I didn't expect to have one with this grill either based on the price point. I have a Traeger grill on my patio as well and It hasn't rusted. So if there is a rust problem with these grills, they should provide you with a cover. Maybe thicker paint will do the trick. I noticed I'm not the only purchaser that has had a problem with rusting. The grill does cook well and I've made delish food with it. It just didn't last.

- Robert P. Alexander

Feb 4, 2021

Nice concept very attractive but why is it now discounted?

Nice concept. Takes up much less room than a two or three burner traditional propane grill. I hope it lasts considering I paid a little more than usual. The assembly instructions had blank pages so I had to guess on putting it together. Im not sure what the heck I just bought since it???s now listed on a discount site for $70 less.
UPDATE: I???ve found the defect in this grill. Peeling paint. Not even a month old. See photo. ????

- JosephN

Feb 4, 2021

Fantastic grill for patio...I'm a fan... I don't give

Took me a while to pay this much for a grill, but this model is reasonable. Has very small footprint on patio but feels big when opened. The designer worked at Apple and did headphones Beats by can tell thought was put into design and details--like the lid opening at an angle so you dont reach over fire!! seems so obvious now.
One FYI: the cover referenced for this model is not compatible, this is a hinged model, and cover currently on Amazon are for non-hinged models--won't fit. Had to buy direct from Fuego--great customer service by the way.

- AP in SD

Feb 4, 2021

SO great!

Look at some video reviews comparing this grill to Webers. All the laudatory praise is accurate.

I got this for a very small deck I just added to my house. It's compact, heats up hast, looks great, and the round shape takes up less visual space than my old Weber.

I got the smaller of the two options...hesitantly...due to our small space. I'm glad I did, because this has been enough space for even an 8-person party. This is because the evenness of the heat across the entire surface lets you use the 21 inches to full capacity.

My old larger Weber had four burners, and I'd use the hot side/warm side approach for various things, but having an outer and inner ring on the Fuego is MUCH more efficient due to the dome shape and resulting convection of heat.

Assembly was what you'd expect. A fair number of pieces, but the instructions were clear. DO follow the carefully, as you really need to follow their order exactly. Once you assemble it, you'll see how cleaver the sequence is.

My only beefs (pun intended) are that the closure handle on the gas is enclosure takes a LOT of effort to open. Either the manufacturing or design tolerances were too tight, or something didn't line up in my assembly...although that doesn't look to be the case.

I do recommend the perfect-fitting cover they make, and also recommend getting the side tray. The support strut of the tray is just okay, and gets in the way when trying to stow the tray. I can imagine several other more logical fold-up/fold-down approaches, but they chose to get a little too clever with a tray that could hang on the stainless steel handles of the BBQ. Not a big issue, but having the tray is very helpful when cooking.

Highly recommended.

- Erick Mikiten

Feb 4, 2021

Color me surprised....

I'd been looking at gas grills for weeks, locally and online, and there was something about the Fuego F-21 that I kept coming back to. My needs are specific and it checked off all the boxes: small footprint, enough BTU's to reach over 600 degrees and to get there quickly, quality grilling grate, adjustable heat distribution, vented just enough to accommodate smoking, quality construction, and (hopefully) durability. This grill hits all my criterion and then some.

First off, the box arrived quickly with contents intact, thanks to one of the best-engineered packing jobs I've ever seen. Set-up was a breeze, completely intuitive, and grill was assembled in 40 mins at a leisurely pace. Leak-tested the fittings on the tank and my first smile came when I realized how fast this 21" grill heats up. I agree with the other reviewers that it can definitely reach 500-plus degrees in 3 minutes, faster than any grill I've ever used. Pretty sure the round design creates a natural convection that accounts for quick heat-up.

My next job was to season the cast-iron grill grate with some fatty beef short ribs that I'd bought just for this purpose, then on to some chicken thighs (skin-on) with cherry, hickory, and maple pellets in a small KampFit Pellet Smoker (which worked so well that I decided to use it for almost everything I grill!) I've had the Fuego for over a month now, using it 3x/wk, for everything from ribeye to grilled vegetables, and I can't find a single thing to complain about. It performs flawlessly, predictably, and I just hope it stays this way.

2 other recommendations: I mated this purchase with a quality 18" stainless steel grill brush by GrillArt, and the Char-Broil Kettleman grill cover, which fits the grill perfectly, and has velcro tie-down stays on the bottom edge of the cover that hold it in place in case of rain or high winds. I made a pair of circular loops from some stainless bailing wire I had, and threaded them through the perforations at the bottom of the cylinder walls that enclose the gas tank, and they anchor the grill cover velcro stays really well. I also designed, built, and finished a fold-down grill table attached to my porch railing to use as a grill station, because this grill has no horizontal surfaces attached to it. The rolling casters seem solid enough, and the 2 that lock do a good job of holding the grill in place on my grill deck.

All in all, I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase, and look forward to becoming more proficient with chip/pellet combinations that allow me to smoke salmon, cheese, and some larger cuts like brisket. Well done Fuego! :))))

- Theo

Feb 4, 2021

It's cute and fits well on my small condo balcony

It looks like something out of the movie Star Wars. I bought it for my high rise condo's balcony. It fits well there, but at my primary home I own a Weber. I honestly say the Weber is the best gas grill I ever cooked on. But, I didn't have room for here for the Weber. This Fuego takes some getting used to. Amazon really made me mad in that they reduced the price on this grill by nearly $70 right after I bought it and would not give me back the difference. Had I paid with another credit card, however, the card would have given me a refund. But, I used the Amazon card. But, I got 5% back that way. Not enough. Then Amazon CS said I could return it and get a refund and then order it again for less. I thought that was a very stupid short sighted answer from a company like Amazon. Usually they give me much better service than that, but I let it slide because they aren't perfect and neither am I. Often with Amazon one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. This grill has some potential, but I think the higher priced Fuego may be the better choice. I just wish I had bought it using my Citibank credit card which would have guaranteed my satisfaction.

- Cooper

Feb 4, 2021

Heats fast, stingy on gas

I put an LP tank on from my old Weber that was almost empty. When I lit it, it was 500 degrees in just 3 minutes. It is still new and I already noticed the alleged porcelain coated cast iron grill is starting to rust but I never had a grill that didn't rust. Several grillings into it and I am still using the same LP tank.

Fits great on my small deck. You will need the cover but be careful buying it from Amazon, it appears they don't have the cover to fit the hinged model.

I will update when needed.

- Otis Dawg

Feb 4, 2021

Wonderful on my small Patio! Leaves room for me and I can still

I have used this grill now for approximately 1 month and I absolutely love it! Set up was fairly easy with my husband doing most of it and me just helping out a little. It looks beautiful on my small patio. It is very easy to light. Only a turn of the knob and press of a button and ignition is easy. There are two different ways to cook your food. Turn the knob to the right and you get an open flame, great for steaks and burgers, turn it to the left and it turns into a great little oven like grill, good for ribs, chickens, etc. plenty of room on here to grill. I have no problem grilling 6 large steaks. The clean up of the grill is easy. The size is perfect for my smaller patio. Looks stylish. Leaves room for me! I also purchased the pizza stone and grill cover I am impressed by both! Wonderful addition to my backyard patio! Highly recommend!

- Johnny Tremain

Feb 4, 2021


I did a lot of research before I bought this grill. I wanted something more than the standard grill and boy does this deliver. I have used the grill 3 times since it was purchased. Assembly was really easy and everything fits together very well. First off, the 21" grill is larger than you think. I am able to put 12 larger burgers on it from Costco. We have a family of four and have had no issues with it's size. It is realistically the same surface area as my old Weber Spirit2 3 burner grill. Especially when you consider dead areas and not wanting to put any meat too close to the edges. It DOES heat up to over 650 degrees within 5 minutes. That is no marketing gimmick. It actually saves gas because of the quick start time. My old Weber took 3 to 4 times as long. Due to the high temp it cooked our steaks last night to perfection. Great grill marks on both sides and amazing flavor kept inside. I am told that the complaints about the grill lid rusting have been addressed by the manufacturer. However, I am keeping it covered. It is a radical design that gives amazing results. Do not hesitate. BUY this grill.

- Gregg Skala

Feb 4, 2021

Awesome Grill in a Small Footprint

If you are pressed for space but still want a professional level grill this is the one. Blasts its way to 700 degrees in about 12 minutes allowing you to make quick work of virtually any grilling task.

The burner design let's you easily switch between direct and indirect heat depending upon your needs.

With the addition of a pizza stone you can awesome "wood fired" type pizzas flying off the grill in about 6 minutes of cook time.

Best of all, it takes up so little space that it will fit on the smallest of decks or terraces without taking up a bunch of space.

- CleverTiger

Feb 4, 2021

One star that???s a FIVE STAR!!!!!

One Star!! Ok now that I have your attention. This grill is a 5 Star, but no one reads the good reviews. I???ve seen all the One Star reviews for this grill and I figured I would write one to clear things up.
-Follow the directions, it shows you where to cut to make opening the box easiest.
-Don???t just look at the pictures to put it together, read the instructions. ???Not Tightening the screws until your finished with each page is important???.
Not hard!
-You literally need a Phillips Head and a Box Cutter,
And about two Beers... That???s around 30 mins in guy terms.
Now all the above are manufacturers Suggestions.

These are my on tips to you.
- After Assembly start the grill and set it on high for 5 mins. This will burn off in oil or whatever is on your new grill.
-Spray a paper towel or cloth with vegetable oil and wipe down the grill grate. Then restart the grill for another 5 mins.
-Now grab some ribs and few beers and enjoy your new grill.

P.S. GET A COVER! Even if you have it under a covered porch get a cover anyway!!!! Why you ask, because Metal will rust In the weather no matter if it???s u far a porch or not. Don???t believe me? Go get one of your favorite guns and lay it on your covered patio for a year...
BUY THE COVER! Enjoy the grill it???s a wonderful product.

- George

Feb 4, 2021

Best propane grill

I love this stylish grill! I've used almost daily since I assembled it. The hardest part was trying to get it out of the shipping box. Lots of custom cut styrofoam, covered by plastic, which had strong tape sealing all megapounds of this little beast. I couldn???t lift it out of the box so ended up cutting the box off, then plastic, then styrofoam. That part took me almost as long as the easy assembly. As far as grilling, it starts incredibly easy, cooks perfectly, and I am pleased that it has an indirect heat option. Best grill I ever had, and worth the money!

- Buyer

Feb 4, 2021

Fabulous grill for a small space

Though it bears a resemblance to R2D2 and has caused friends to suggest I'm storing a robot on my deck, I love this grill!! Once I wrangled it out of its shipping box (the most difficult part of the process) it was easy to assemble. Some reviewers have said the door clasp was clumsy and difficult. I have not found it so. The grill lighting mechanism works perfectly, the unit heats quickly, and the heavy-duty grill surface (emphasize heavy because it actually does weigh a lot) creates perfect "striping" on the food. A small table placed beside the grill provides the work surface needed. Built-in work surfaces are seldom big enough anyway, so this seemed like a good trade-off I gave ease of cleaning only 4 stars because I have only scraped the bits off the grill surface, not attempted a thorough cleaning. I'm planning to purchase a pizza stone to try an ersatz version of wood fired pizza at home. I could not be more pleased with my purchase.

- Kindle Customer

Feb 4, 2021

Easy to put together, but parts already broken

Grill easy to put together, but handle is already broken and haven't even used. Have reached out to Fuego, but have not yet heard response.

Update - Fuego quickly responded and shipped me a new handle. Still have not used grill. Love the look and looking forward to grilling.

- Indiana Rat

Feb 4, 2021

Very good company with a very good product

This grill was easy to assemble, and works great. I was frustrated after ordering that 4 days had gone by and my grill had not shipped. I contacted the company through Amazon messages. They responded within an hour explaining that they had been working to determine if they were allowed to operate during the covid-19 shutdown, and organizing to protect their employees.
They shipped that day.
The grill is exactly what they say it is. More importantly despite everything happening around us they work as a company in a manner that makes happy to spend my money with them.

- Tammy and Darin

Feb 4, 2021

Great grill glad we found it

We needed a new grill and came upon this one. Some reviews noted an outer paint peeling issue. So we looked on the Fuego website and found they did admit to a peeling paint issue but it had been fixed so we took the plunge. Boy are we glad we did. It was easy to put together, took about 20 minutes. We love the small foot print it has on our patio. It heats up really quick so be ready to put your items on the grill. The cast iron cook top is so easy to clean up. Just like cleaning up your cast iron pan in the house. We have only had it a few days but we are really enjoying it. If we come across and issue There will be an update.

- Odie

Feb 4, 2021

I know it???s trendy... but it???s also good

I replaced a Weber that took up much more room on my deck with this compact grill. It heats up much faster, cooks more consistently, and it???s easier to access the full grill surface. Assembly took less than an hour and everything feels solid. The way the lid opens away from the hot surface doesn???t seem like big deal ... but turns out to be something you notice almost immediately.

- Mark Sumner

Feb 4, 2021

Fast Heat!

This grill is great. It is replacing a Traeger that was more than double the price. I was going to with a Kamado and last minute decided to order the Fuego due to the small footprint and price. No regrets!

The hinge is nice
Cast iron surface
Easy cleaning

Cheap wheels
Need to tighten the hinge
Box unpacking is almost reversed

I will update this review if things change. Overall I am happy with this grill!

- Z

Feb 4, 2021

Good, overall, but $50 too much

Wanted a grill with this shape for convenient storage in my garage, and the price point is more affordable than the upper-middle class grills in the $600 plus range.

Machined holes have a large tolerance at whatever factory they're made in--I had to do some forcing to get the low-quality Phillips-head bolts on. Assembly is simple though.

The grill top and the heat from the dual-ring burners is worth the money, the gripe comes from the lid. The lid feels firmly attached, but it closes sloppy. There isn't a perfect and satisfying seal when the lid closes, and mine had paint chips on a few lid spots.

The lid will not seal in the heat, as there are many ventilation holes (unclose-able). No problem, but it reduces some varied use with the grill.

I'm fine with it after 5 uses. It is not worth sending back, but for the price point of other grills, I think this one is almost worth the money.

- NiceCarl

Feb 4, 2021

Great grill!

This is a great grill. Heats quickly and can cook fast. So stay close and monitor the progress of cooking or it will burn. It seems like this grill performs more efficiently than other grills I have used in the past, in that it seems like I get more use between tank refills.

It is a challenge to assemble and at times it seemed like the parts (the tank housing and the base curvature do not align) were incompatible but they do fit with some force. This can be a challenge for one person.

Once assembled, it is great. It takes very little space. It is easy to move around. I would recommend it to others and have recommended it to neighbors and guests who have noticed the unusual design and inquired about it.

- Ever_Would

Feb 4, 2021

Easy to assemble and works great!

I just got this today and have already assembled it and grilled some chicken for dinner. I'm a retired woman and I had no trouble putting this together by myself using nothing more than a Phillips screwdriver in about an hour ..... and it only took me that long because I was going very slowly and methodically, cleaning up packaging as I went. The directions were clear and easy to follow. It feels very solid but has a small footprint, which is what I wanted for my small deck. It looks great and works great too.

- Gail

Feb 4, 2021

cylindrical BBQ

took 2 hrs to assemble (I'm old and slow). works very well, been looking for on of this style for years.


Feb 4, 2021

Great Fit to our patio!!

INCREDIBLE purchase!!! Fits perfect on our patio!
It???s a very beautiful design as well looks sharp and sleek!
Early Father???s Day gift for my husband. We broke it in tonight with a steak and potatoes and they came out to perfection. Get this grill!!!

- Amazon Customer

Feb 4, 2021

Best. Grill. Ever!

This grill looks great and cooks even better! I have it on my small balcony and it's perfect! I just roll it into the corner when I'm done grilling. It's very compact and sleek but still has a large cooking surface. I will say it is not the easiest thing to clean but the removable tray below the grill does make it a little easier. Love this grill!

- Heatherd333

Feb 4, 2021

This is an outstanding gs grill. The best ever!!!

This gas grill looks great, heats fast, is simple to operate and easy to clean and maintain. you could not ask for anything else!!!

- Theodore M. Elam

Feb 4, 2021

honestly, best grill ive owned!

Great looking piece of gear to add to the backyard, very well designed and functional. heats up faster than any other grill i've owned, so no time and gas is wasted. Steaks haven't tasted this great before, and we use for all things grill wise! great build, takes minimal amount of space, easy to move around. I'm surprised I haven't purchased this before and even considered the traditional grill when I was making my purchase. this thing rocks!!!!

- Marcin Biegunajtys

Feb 4, 2021

We love it so far!

The grill was easy to assemble. I assembled it myself while my husband was at work. It heats up quickly and has plenty of surface space for our family of 2. I cooked our steaks, shrimp skewers and foil packets at one time. So far we love this grill. Cleaning isn???t really easy on any grill but it does have an easily removable drip tray.

- Ladybug

Feb 4, 2021

Love my fuego grill

I love this grill. Especially for grilling pizzas haha. It???s well designed and heats up pretty quickly. About 10 mins or so. Super sleek-looking. If you are tight in space the cylindrical shape is very convenient.

- Paul George P

Feb 4, 2021


I really like the way it heats up and cooks evenly

- Kenneth Comstock

Feb 4, 2021

Waited 6 months to review.

This is a great compact grill. We have a narrow covered porch and any of the gas grills with any kind side shelves would not fit. Heats very quickly. We also bought a cover even though we are under a short overhang, rain will blow in when windy. The best I can say is I would buy again and recommend it to a friend!

- bclufkin

Feb 4, 2021

Great product

This is such a great little bbq. We needed something that would save space. We were presently surprised on how well it cooks. The indirect heat section of the grill is great too. It???s the perfect spot to cook the veggies with the meat on the outer part. Very happy with the purchase

- Heather

Feb 4, 2021

Great compact grill

Wonderful for older couples. Easy to light, heat evenly distributed. Compact and lighter than any other grill I know. Attractive. Important if you have to lift it up and down deck stairs twice a year.

- Robert Rau

Feb 4, 2021

Flimsy Lid

This BBQ was very easy to assemble. The packaging is great and instructions are easy to understand.
The only thing that bothers me is the lid is pretty flimsy. I will know more when I fire it up and bring another review to you.

- Kindle Customer

Feb 4, 2021

had for about 8 months

Minor packaging issue but taken care of nicely. I keep it covered when not in use as recommended. Heavy cast iron grill is great at holding and spreading heat. easy clean pullout tray. gets up to temp very quickly. nicely designed and cooks they way i like (seared). Well worth the money

- William Hindman

Feb 4, 2021

It seems very good!!!

I just unraped and assembled my new grill, It came very nicely packed and in good conditions.
It was not too hard to assemble, it is not the easiest thing, bI was expecting to be very hard after reading a couple of complaints on difficulties to assemble, I found it easier than assembling a Weber gas grill.
The pieces are very high quality, the grate is cast iron and very heavy. It looks easy to clean.
I haven't cooked much on it yet, but so far so great, comparing to grill on the same or a bit higher price level.

- Gustavo Valle

Feb 4, 2021

Excellent barbecue

Very easy to use

- Emmett S.

Feb 4, 2021

Sturdy, easy to assemble, love the design.

Just received today. I can't comment on the food part yet, but I was impressed with the design. A large grilling space, yet compact. Very impressed with assembly. I have a bad back and limited spatial relations, and 65 years old. I used only my Grandpa's Phillips screwdriver. Went together well, seems sturdy. Tomorrow will be the food test, but a very heavy duty cast iron grill top leaves little doubt, and a provision for "indirect" heat as well. I'm very pleased.

- Deborah J. Saia

Feb 4, 2021

Best Small Grill Ever!

Love the design and size is perfect for 2-4 people. The removable drip pan makes clean up so easy. If I didn't already have one I'd be buying another.

- Micky Moore

Feb 4, 2021

Best BBQ Yet!

This Fuego is fantastic. It comes with simple to follow directions and it took me around 30 minutes to put it together. You can tell that it's made of high-quality materials. Wheels are solid and the whole thing looks great and fits into a small space. I recommend this BBQ.

- Mr. Gene

Feb 4, 2021

Very happy with purchase

I'm very happy with our purchase.
The features fall exactly where I would expect for the price (more than entry, not quite high end). The coil heating element allows for similar functionality that having a second rack that traditional grills would have. I was happy with how easy it was to assemble, only lacking a star because it took about an hour.

The grilling space is bigger than I expected. I was able to cook peppers in a cast iron skillet on the grill while keeping enough space for sausages.

- Amazon Customer

Feb 4, 2021

Wait until there 1/2 price then there worth it

Overpriced inconsistent cooking surfaces grease fire city from 1st catch tray. I gave up a kumodo for this ????????????

- Timothy Nachbar

Feb 4, 2021

A good option for a family grill

Had this grill for a while now. Very versatile equipment. I am considering buying a griddle for it.
I wish the auxiliary parts were not so absurdly pricey.

- The Man!

Feb 4, 2021

Great value. HOT item literally.

My old grill lasted for many years but finally died. I saw this and it w as the perfect size for us. Easy to put together with simple tools a instructions that were very clear to follow. Fired it up and am very pleased.

- Gramma

Feb 4, 2021

Very even cooking

Extremely easy to use and light. Cooks quick and gets hot. Make a great burger with very light caramelized outside with out drying out inside.

- fishing buddy

Feb 4, 2021


Best grill we have ever owned! Heats up in a few minutes and has a large cooking surface!

- Barbara Sruba

Feb 4, 2021

Perfect for a small balcony

I live in an apartment in Chicago with a small balcony. This stylish grill fits the bill perfectly. It is compact and doesn't take up much space, but has a generous grilling surface with many functions to control the grilling process. It exceeded my expectations.

- James L. Selsor

Feb 4, 2021

Nice grill so far

Fantastic grill compact and fits nicely on apartment balcony.
Dual burners heats up fast and easy to clean.

- Paxton Gilis

Feb 4, 2021

It is the best!

How quickly this unit heats up makes grilling as simple as turn on the unit and wait three minutes; bingo, we are ready for the meat. I use it all the time. I have no hesitations about this purchase.

- Lonnie Landess

Feb 4, 2021

What a great little grill!

Great unit, works really good... heats up amazingly fast! some of the best gill marks i've ever gotten! Love it!

- TeslaBill68

Feb 4, 2021

Built to cook

Great grill that does not take up your whole poach. Fits in a corner and cooks perfectly. Great Jim Fuego!!

- Jim Shaffer

Feb 4, 2021

Nice looking and compact

Great looking product, amount of heat is difficult to control. Nice features, but in the end, it???s just an expensive grill.

- Al J

Feb 4, 2021

Great Grill

Great size, huge space saver, heats fast , wife assembled

- Pat Knabenshue

Feb 4, 2021

Great grill for the price

Bought this as a present for my husband. He absolutely loves this grill. So far there have been no issues. Heart distribution is even, it's easy to clean and looks great.

- Molly

Feb 4, 2021

Love it.

Love it, love it and love it. Easy to use and perfect....

- Amazon Customer

Feb 4, 2021

Great build quality, fastest heating most even heating grill I?

Amazing grill best I???ve bought in 20 years. Very Well built and designed. Simple form factor that give ample cooking room. Good cast iron cooking surface. Gas tank lives underneath grill so great space saver. 100% would buy it again.

- Krista J Astarita

Feb 4, 2021

Buy it and enjoy your desired cook

This product is super handy lovely and joyful.from my experience I would say never use this product in places have lots of winds because the flame heat blows away from the bottom holes waste of gas. If the person but it need to cover the bottom holes for more and fast cooking. But it is satisfying love it . It???s on a go.

- Nageeb Quraish

Feb 4, 2021

Made by an APPLE guy

Pretty nice for the price. Made by an APPLE guy. So far know complaints.

- Tommy Von Wren

Feb 4, 2021


A little pricy but a great grill for a couple or some one in apartment living conditions.

- chipshot713

Feb 4, 2021


I bought this grill for my husband who is very particular about his grills. He says this is the best grill he has ever had. I highly recommend this.

- Amazon Customer

Feb 4, 2021

Great Grill!

This grill is awesome, perfect size for my small deck. So far everything has turned out perfectly!

- Jim

Feb 4, 2021

Consistent heat is a wonderful thing

I've cooked on the grill 3 times.
Must say I like the heat generated. Cooks consistently across the grill. My only concern is I think the cover is a bit flimsy. Make it out of a heavier gauge and it would be perfect.

- Mark Bevins

Feb 4, 2021

The best grill

Love this grill, haven't really cooked much in the house since receiving it.

- Dean Russo

Feb 4, 2021

Stylish and good value

Great style

- A. Shaffer

Feb 4, 2021

Convection and Grill all-in-one

This is my second one of these. Love it for pizzas and grilling and it???s small footprint. Perfect for an apartment.

- Judy Pukita

Feb 4, 2021

Very sleek,not bulky as other grills.

Used it 2 times so far to cook some new York strips. Can't complain.

- Richard Rhodes

Feb 4, 2021

Great form AND function!

Beautifully designed to fit and look great in small spaces. Circular cooking surface heats food evenly with options for direct and indirect grilling. We purchased the shelf and grill cover accessories.

- beth

Feb 4, 2021

Make sure compression fittings are all on good where hinge fast

I like the grill very much it cooks fast.I sent message to manufacture saying that the hinge area was missing a compression fitting.
That was two weeks ago and haven't hear from them.

- Amazon Customer

Feb 4, 2021


And stylish


Feb 4, 2021

The best compact BBQ ever.

I don't entertain large crowds. Just the right size for us. Occupies a laughably small footprint on the veranda.

- mattisan

Feb 4, 2021

Easy to put together

Nice grill for our small patio.

- Brian T. Hall

Feb 4, 2021

Love this grill

This is perfect for small spaces like a balcony and heats up quick! Cleaning is not the easiest

- Chris Wedding

Feb 4, 2021

Great grill for small areas

It is perfect for a small balcony. Cooks very well. Cast iron grate/grill is fantastic

- Amazon Customer

Feb 4, 2021

Hot! Hot! Hot!

This is our second Fuego. This one is even better with the hinged lid and super easy to clean.

- Amazon Customer

Feb 4, 2021

Best grill

Hands down the best grill out there!!

- Amazon Customer

Feb 4, 2021

Great Looking BBQ for small deck space

Have only used once so far but worked great, easy to clean!

- campter

Feb 4, 2021


Liked that unit is compact. Did not like that there is no storage for grilling tools.

- elizabeth almeida

Feb 4, 2021

Love this grill!

Perfect for my balcony!

- ChrisB

Feb 4, 2021

My favorite grill ever

Easy to use, easy to move around, and not bulky. If I could design the perfect grill, this would be it.

- radio dog

Feb 4, 2021

Heats up fast - limited or no shelf surface

Bought the shelf as an extra.. very small.. difficult to manage a tray of food to place and remove from the grilling surface without a table nearby

- Brian Schenk

Feb 4, 2021

Excellent product and performance.

Excellent product. Easy set up and easy use. Love this BBQ because if heating ability and small impact of space on our patio.

- Linda Rodriguez

Feb 4, 2021

Small and Easy to use Grill

Easy to use if you want a smaller grill, great heat output.

- Elizabeth Kardokus

Feb 4, 2021

Practical and worth it

Very powerful and perfect size. Tired of the giant bbq???s from other makers. This one is cute, fast and efficient.

- Leslie

Feb 4, 2021

Just one Look!

Mobility - Space Saver - and it works!!!

- Amazon Customer

Feb 4, 2021

You can???t screw anything up

Best BBQ I have ever cooked on! I have always had Weber gas & regular grills. My opinion this is the best!

- Jerry Musso

Feb 4, 2021

Excellent grill!

Easy installation, plenty of heat, upright round design for space saving.

- Slayman

Feb 4, 2021

Best Grill I've Ever Owned

Great functioning grill! Highly recommended! Do not think it is too small, it's not.

- Jim Weed

Feb 4, 2021

Good product !

So far i love it!

- Terri R.

Feb 4, 2021

Convenient to Use

This is a great grill. Perfect for small cook outs.

- Mary Hyde

Feb 4, 2021

Great Grill

Nice even heating, good cooking space, great space savor and very portable.

- Amazon Customer

Feb 4, 2021

Must buy for condo grillers

Amazing heat and cooking space

- Eric, Lucy, & Diana

Feb 4, 2021

Buy this grill.

Best Grill for the money.

- CH

Feb 4, 2021

It???s easy to clean

It???s a perfect size, easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to clean.

- Michelle Miller

Feb 4, 2021

the top rusted fast

it cooks good hot but painted top rusting

- chuck

Feb 4, 2021

Great grill!

It fits on a small deck


Feb 4, 2021

One month review

Excellent product

- Bashar Tamimi

Feb 4, 2021

Doesn't come with pizza stone or griddle as in video

Doesn't come with pizza stone or grill as in video.....

- Ronald Crouse

Feb 4, 2021

But this now. You won???t regret it

Amazing. Buy it now !

- Amazon Customer

Feb 4, 2021



- J Quilyn

Feb 4, 2021

Great design

Easy to assemble - great for quick grilling!

- bob hennig

Feb 4, 2021

Small and perfect for a small space. Well made!

Excellent performance

- David Earnest

Feb 4, 2021

Good buy for deck

Like small profile for deck

- Carolecass

Feb 4, 2021

Fast Ship

Made out of thin metal


Feb 4, 2021



- Varelito

Feb 4, 2021

Fast heat


- linda long

Feb 4, 2021

Small and perfect for patio

I???m not an experienced griller so like the ease of use of this grill.

- Marva D

Feb 4, 2021

Getting Ready To Buy My 2nd One !!! Love it!

I bought my 1st one 5 years ago.... had none of the problems the other reviewer mentioned... small footprint, nice looking...great was heat, 2 heat areas...... easy to clean...... no warping or paint chipping on my baseline model.... used it hundreds of times over the 5 years... only buying another as we converted it to natural gas & sold it with the house when we moved... time for another one!!! I love the hinged hood on the new models.

- Susan W.

Feb 4, 2021

my hambburgers taste like fish

i loved the industrial design of this grill. a work of art

sadly, when you're cooking, the 'drippings' from the burgers, fish, etc do NOT end up in the drip pan. they just sit in the bottom of the grill

so if you cooked fish last week, and you grill burgers today, your burgers may taste a little like fish.

and, then sometimes you'll get flare ups when the drippings catch on file.

and yea, you can try to heat up the grill to 'cook' off the drippings on the bottom of the grill, but again, but tried that and it just doesn't work.

or, every few weeks, you can get our there with a steel spatula and to try and remove all of the drippings from the bottom. but i bought a grill so i do NOT have to clean pots and pans. if i have to clean the grill every few weeks, just not worth it. sorry

it's simply a design defect. they needed to angle the bottom of the grill more steeply inclined so the drippings would actually drip into the drip pan

it's like a driveway to your house. it has an incline, so when it rains, the waters flows.

in this grill, it's not inclined, so the drippings (fat, etc), just sit there. and sit there. and sit there.

for $350, i wouldn't expect such an obvious design flaw. i called customer support and was told that there are plenty of others using the grill that are happy.

well, that may be. or maybe, these people think this is normal that there should be an inch of grease at the bottom of their grill. or think it's normal to have to clean it. or they rarely use the grill so haven't encountered this issue yet.

bottom line: the grease trap doesn't work. until they can prove it does with a video, i cannot recommend this product (although it does look like! did i say that already?)

- bk

Feb 4, 2021


Great product. Easy assembly. Great grilling. No complaints.

- Tk

Feb 4, 2021

Great customer service

First off let me say- their customer service is excellent!

Bought this grill for my girlfriend for Christmas as she loves to grill and out old one was to large and worn out. Love the size and style of this grill. Only issue I had was it shipped without the nuts and bolt to assemble the unit. After calling amazon their customer service rep called me within 5 mins while he was on vacation!! Made thing right very quickly. Thank you!

Haven???t used the grill yet... everything seem well made and was easy to assemble. As other have said, I think the weak link will be the lid. Seems think and the paint is kinda like a Rinoliner, but thinner. My guess is the heat will bake this off but we shall see!? All in all to this point, I???m happy with the purchase. I???ll edit after a few uses.

- David J.

Feb 4, 2021

Great product

Put together in less that an hour (I???m elderly and arthritic) so I???m sure it can be done in less time. Un crating was half the battle. Started up on first click. Love the two burner options for indirect cooking. Grease catching tray slides outfit easy cleaning. If, like me, you don???t have enough $ for a cover, a lawn & leaf bag fits perfectly

- Anon Ymous

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